Waterproofing Rub-R-Wall

Rub-R-Wall is tough enough for any commercial application. For over 20 years, we have sprayed Rub-R-Wall on buildings at universities, hospitals, public schools, and government centers, through out the state.

Air Barrier Rub-R-Wall Airtight Air Barrier\VP

RPC's Airtight and Airtight VP are state of the art air barriers which provide a seamless 100% rubber membrane building envelope. It can be sprayed directly to concrete, CMU, plywood, and exterior drywall. It is approved by the Air Barrier Association of America.

Airtight being sprayed on exterior gypsum

Cavity Wall Damp Proofing Graywall

Graywall damp proofing is a great alternative to bituminous damp proofing. It can be sprayed at colder temperatures and has less overspray. In this picture, we are spraying an exterior cavity wall at the Hahn Cancer Center.

Commercial Projects with Rub-R-Wall products

  • Waddell Elementary , Lexington
  • ISAT Residence Halls, JMU
  • Campus Bookstore, JMU
  • Kilbourne Hall , VMI
  • The new City Hall, Harrisonburg
  • Shenandoah County Courthouse, Woodstock
  • Warren County Middle School, Front Royal
  • Eastern Mennonite School, Harrisonburg
  • VMRC and Stuarts Draft retirement communities
  • Kate Collins Elementary, Waynesboro
  • Bluestone Vineyard
  • Hahn Cancer Center
  • Stonewall Jackson High School
  • Muhlenberg Lutheran Church, Harrisonburg

Additional Projects

  • RMH Women's Health Center, Harrisonburg
  • Wilson Elementary School
  • Wilson Middle School
  • James Wood High School, Winchester